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Tim Hortons

Hamilton, Canada

Tim Hortons (or Timmies or Tim’s) is a Canadian fast food restaurant best known for its coffee and pastries. Tim Hortons was founded in 1964 by Canadian hockey players, Tim Horton and Jim Charade. Tim Hortons can be found all over Canada, as well as in the US, UK, Qatar, UAE, the Philippines, and more.

The first store opened in Hamilton on May 17, 1964. Three years later, two more stores opened. By 1991, there were 500 stores across Canada and international operations started in the early 2000s. 

Originally, Tim Hortons only offered coffee and donuts. Today, it offers a many hot and cold drinks, like tea, hot chocolate, cappuccinos, and iced coffee. They also sell a range of baked goods, including bagels, danishes, and cookies, and meals, like sandwiches and soups. 

A visit to the original Tim Hortons in Hamilton will take you back to where it all began. Out front, you will see a statue of Tim Horton himself, and after ordering a coffee, go upstairs and take a wander down Memory Lane. On Memory Lane, you’ll see a replica register from the 1960s, and get to see how the brand has grown over the last few decades!

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