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Trailway Brewing

Fredericton, Canada

New Brunswick is a small providence on Canada’s east coast. It is full of hidden gems, like  craft breweries! Trailway Brewing in Fredericton is a small industrial brewery with a wide range of craft beers to choose from!

Trailway Brewing was founded by a small team with a passion for brewing. In their first year, they produced one barrel at a time and sold their brews to local pubs. In 2016, they made the move from their one barrel in a basement to a ten barrel brewery and tasting room where they produce American-style ales. 

A visit to the brewery and tasting room will likely reward you with refreshing hoppy and aromatic beers. Sit down for a pint or a tasting tray and watch the brewers at work through the window. Trailway often features limited batch brews, so keep an eye on what might be on offer during your visit! If you find you love the place, you can purchase some merchandise or cans to go!

Visit their Facebook page to help plan your visit! 

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