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Van Gogh Museum

Amsterdam, the Netherlands

Amsterdam is a charming and populous city in the Netherlands filled with arts, history and culture. A visit to Amsterdam would not be complete without visiting some of the many museums on offer. The Van Gogh Museum is a must visit during your trip!

The Van Gogh Museum opens in 1973 and holds the world’s largest collection of Van Gogh paintings and drawings in the world. With nearly 2 million visitors a year, the Van Gogh Museum is one of the top 40 most visited museums in the world.

The museum was commissioned in 1963 by the Dutch government and opened ten years later, once the building’s construction was completed. Today, the museum consists of 200 paintings, 400 drawings and 700 letters by Van Gogh.

The museum contains early and late works, with the most notable being The Potato Eaters, Sunflowers, Almond Blossoms, and Self-portrait. 

Visit the Van Gogh Museum’s official website to purchase your tickets and help plan your visit!

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