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The Venetian Hotel and Casino

Las Vegas, NV, USA

The Venetian is the most luxurious, largest and expensive complexes on the strip! The Venetian Resort Complex (which includes the Sands Expo Convention Center and The Palazzo Hotel) is the second largest hotel in the world, with a whopping 4,049 rooms and 3,068 suites spread of 36-stories.

The Venetian was opened in 1999, and cost an eye-popping  $1.5 billion to build! It also features one of the largest casino floors, measuring at 120,000 square feet. 

As the name implies, the hotel and casino features a Venetian-designed inspiration. Replicas of popular Venetian landmarks are scattered through the hotel including Palazzo Ducale, Piazza San Marco, Piazzetta de San Arco, The Lion of Venice Column, the Column of Saint Theodore, St Mark’s Campanile and the Rialto Bridge. 

You can spend hours exploring the vast complex. The Grand Canal Shoppes, decorated like the streets of Venice, is covered by beautiful cloudy, blue skies. It holds over 140 shops and restaurants throughout its cobbled stone laneways. Also, If you’re looking for a true Venetian experience can enjoy a classic gondola ride! The ride will take you through the canals inside and outside, and even under the Rialto Bridge replica!

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