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Wayward Distillation House

Vancouver Island, Canada

British Columbia is booming with distilleries and breweries. From craft to larger productions, there is certainly no shortage of delicious drinks! Wayward Distillation House, located on the beautiful Vancouver Island, is an incredible craft distillery where all the spirits are made with a base of 100% raw honey. 

With a slogan like ‘Fundamentally against the grain’, you must expect the only distillery in Canada using honey as a base to be unmatched. Founded by a husband and wife, Wayward has grown into a full four and a half person team! Everyone has a role as the spirits are continuously being distilled, bottled and labeled in their warehouse.

Wayward’s Spirits are the perfect balance of refreshing and sweet. They get their honey  from Northern BC, unpasteurized and all-natural. Once back at the warehouse, they blend glacier water and a special yeast to turn the honey into mead. The mead is then distilled into the perfectly sweet and flavorful spirits. Each bottle of vodka contains about 2.5 pounds of honey! 

The range of spirits includes:

Unruly Vodka - the sweetness, coupled with its full-bodied mouth feel make this extremely smooth vodka different to all others, with subtle vanilla and honey flavors.

Unruly Gin - with hints of citrus, cedar, sarsaparilla root, lavender and coriander, this gin makes for a martini or cocktail like you’ve never had it before! 

Depth Charge -  a rich coffee liqueur that add a great kick to your morning coffee - and you’ll never want to go back!

Krupnik - this spiced honey liqueur will change the way you make cocktails! It’s rich, sweet, warm and full of spices; perfect for cold winter evenings, spicing up cocktails, and enjoying straight out of a glass.

Elixir - this premium 151 is a high-proof vodka made the bold. Don’t let the 151 label scare you though, we think it is the smoothest and best high-proof vodka out there!

Some of their other notable spirits include a popular Bourbon Barreled Gin and a Drunken Hive Rum - each very popular, and bottled in limited batches.

Keep an eye on Wayward’s official website to not miss one of the special releases and to help plan your visit!

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