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Country: Germany               Language: German               Currency: Euro (€)

Wiesbaden is historically known as a spa town, as it once had 26 hot springs. It is considered dating back to the Roman Times. Because Wiesbaden is a bit off the tourist path, it is full of friendly locals and fresh, local cuisine! If you are visiting during the winter, make sure to visit the extraordinary Christmas Market that takes place in the city center. The streets come to life with ornate decorations, live music, and mulled wine!

CTW Must See

St. Bonifatius

St. Bonifatius was consecrated in 1849. The building we see today is the second of its name; the first was built in the early 1800s, but collapsed several years later. The current St. Bonifatius was completed in 1866, with a rib vault and two tall towers. The building suffered damage during St. Bonifatius sits on the outskirts of the city, but its towers stand tall and can be seen from numerous parts throughout Wiesbaden.

Wiesbaden City Palace

In the heart of Wiesbaden’s city center sits the City Palace. The City Palace, built in 1841, has 145 rooms! The palace ha withstood the Revolutions of 1848, the annexation of Prussia in 1866, the German Revolution, and WWII. The building has since been restored and modernized. It now seats the State Parliament of Hesse. You’ll find the palace in Marktplatz, one of the city’s largest! 

Neues Rathaus

Neues Rathaus, or New Town Hall, is located across the way from the City Palace. The building features a Renaissance style, with tall spires and a symmetrical facade. Neues Rathaus was partially destroyed during WWII, so the facade was replaced in 1951. The basement of the building holds a popular restaurant called Ratskeller and has plenty of rooms open for the public to visit.


Construction of Marktkirche, or Market Church, began in the early 1850s. The building features five massive towers, with the western tower the tallest at 98 meters, making Market Church the tallest building in the city! During the winter, the building is one of the main focuses of the Wiesbaden Christmas Market, one of the most beautiful markets in Germany! 

Hessisches Staatstheater 

The Hessisches Staatstheater is the State Theatre of Wiesbaden. It offers five performance programs and hosts over 800 events every year! It is considered one of the most successful German language theatre offering a wide rage of productions, such as operas, ballets, musicals, and concerts. The building was completed in 1894, has four stages, with the largest seating over 1,000 people. 


The Kurhaus is an important part of the city’s history. The building was built in the early 1900s and offers a wellness and leisure center and a garden to relax in. It is located beside the Hessisches Staatstheater and the casino, which stands most prominently nearby. The famous casino holds one of the most famous and popular games in Germany, the Spielbank.

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