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Country: Croatia               Language: Croatian               Currency: Croatian kuna (kn)

Zagreb is a stunning city. While it has not been on the tourist radar, it is certainly gaining popularity. There's so much more to Croatia than the magnificent coastline! Zagreb is alive at every turn and every moment. It’s filled with gorgeous architecture, arts, farmers markets, live music, people dancing in the streets, craft beer, and welcoming faces. You cannot leave Zagreb without indulging in traditional cevpaci (meat skewers), burek (a delicious pastry that can be salty or sweet), and some of the freshest produce around!

CTW Must See

Gornji Grad (Upper Town)

This is a historic and quiet part of Zagreb. The atmosphere is peaceful, and there is plenty of sightseeing to do. The Old Stone Gates are a historic feature that date back to 1242! St. Mark’s Church is also a prominent feature among a series of government buildings. It was built in the 13th century and has a beautifully decorated tiled roof that covers the church, and is certainly a must see. Beyond the history, the Upper Town features the Museum of Broken Relationships; a very popular Zagreb attraction, and some great views overlooking the Lower Town.

Zagreb Cathedral 

Zagreb Cathedral is the tallest building in Croatia! Construction was completed in 1217, but it has been destroyed quite a few times since then due to a few unfortunate war events and an earthquake. The Cathedral is impressive, with the statue of Mary out front standing tall, showcasing not only the tallest building in Croatia, but one of the most sacred Gothic buildings in this part of the world. 

Ban Jelacic Square 

The main square of Zagreb’s Old Town is lively and bright. The oldest building in the square dates back to the 18th century, and the square itself has historic significance. Very often there are sensational markets here, offering some of Croatia’s finest goods and fresh, local foods. At Christmas, the square is part of Zagreb’s Christmas Market, which has been voted the best Christmas market in Europe!

Dolac Market 

This popular and iconic farmers market is located behind the main square, just up the steps, and has a huge variety of local and fresh fruits, vegetables, flowers, and more. In the summer, be sure to visit early before sellers run out of produce and start to close up for the day!

Tkalciceva Street 

Tkalciceva Street is a pedestrian street just next to the Dolac Market with a huge choice of restaurants, bars and cafes. Take a wander down this street as the sun goes down and enjoy the live music, dancing on the streets, laughter, and clinking beer glasses. This street makes for some really fun Croatian nightlife. 

Park Zrinjevac 

The perfect spot to enjoy some nature and escape from the Zagreb city life. You can stroll through the park from Jelacic Square all the way down to the train station and back in about 25 minutes. In the summer months, the park is filled with people relaxing on the grass; dogs playing fetch, and live music. In the winter, the park hosts part of Zagreb’s Christmas Market, which has been voted number one in all of Europe! 

Zagreb Eye Observation Deck 

If you want a great view overlooking Zagreb, this is the place to go! At the top, there is free wifi, board games, a cafe/bar, and sensational views of Zagreb. Check out the Zagreb 360 website for more information 

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